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What is WordPress? Websites Made & Managed Easily

By Colin Gordon

WordPress is a website Content Management System (CMS) designed for website owners who are not web programmers or developers. The user-friendliness of the WordPress platform and its awesome functionality has captured over 25% of website publishing activity worldwide. Notable users of WordPress include The New York Times, CNN, Reuters, GM and eBay.

WordPress is Open Source & Managed by Volunteers

Open Source as defined by Wikipedia explains how open collaboration in programming addresses the limitations of proprietary software. A vast brain trust of skilled volunteer programmers drive its constant development, and while it’s Free and free is great, there is a learning curve in setup and management. Our membership plans are designed for a smooth launch of your website and provide training if required at whatever level suits your market and budget. We deliver up-to-date training, development and long-term maintenance, something you may not find with Free Website Offers.

From Developer to Consultant

As with all providers of services who wish to remain relevant and profitable they must adapt to consumer demand for greater accessability and transparency. This is the charter of WordPress, to give the website owner more control over the management and development of their website by providing access to an Administration Dashboard and an interface that does not require programing skills. Developers who trade solely on their coding skills and maintain a proprietary zeal over their source code end up alienating customers with extortionate fees and perpetuating the myth that web development is an arcane art. The star chamber of coding purists is fast losing market share to a platform which offers an enormous range of end user benefits. And the software framework is FREE. This is WordPress. Smart web developers are evolving from internet geeks into Website Constultants who offer a much broader view of the competitive landscape. A good website consultant doesn’t need a degree in computer science or programing but can fix a customer’s problem by employing empathy and good listening skills. Websites require maintainence and support; they also require engagement from the owner and this can only be achieved when expectations are set from the outset. As a website owner starting out you need some ‘Skin in the game’ if you trust your consultant to steadily help you improve your bottom line. If we as consultants cannot be profitable then we become the bottleneck in the development of your site and this doesn’t serve either party. Website Support is an ongoing process and taking an active interest in the development of your online marketing is something only you can guarantee. A support plan gives you the assurance that your site is being closely monitored by an experienced professional and that your ongoing input is yielding results.
Free WordPress Training

free WordPress training

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