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Video Marketing Services for small business

By Colin Gordon

Affordable Video Marketing Services

Video marketing services cover topics like production and editing which form part of a broader topic known as content marketing. Website advertising could then be thought of as the parent category of these topics. Any business wanting to attract more leads must consider video content in their online marketing toolkit. Compelling video is the best way to ensure website visitors stay longer on your website and directly absorb your important messages. Whether you produce your own content or hire a marketing agency to do it for you, digital marketing is vital in developing a sound website marketing strategy for business website owners

How important is video Advertising?

Video has taken over as the most important advertising channel available to the very broad B2B (Business-to-business) website market.
Check out these compelling stats on how marketers have embraced the power of video marketing services.

Why does it work?

The short answer is … because video is so popular. Youtube co-founder Jawed Karim started the trend by uploading the very first clip to Youtube in 2005.

As you can see, it’s only 18 seconds long and simply just a proof of concept and not particularly exciting, but groundbreaking never the less.
To date, 16 years on, the video has garnered 156,626,443 views as of this writing.

Video Marketing Services for an effective budget video marketing campaign

Try to imagine the excitement of the public when silent movies became a reality in cinemas at the beginning of the 1890s. A new way of engaging the public at scale with exciting moving pictures was now available.

This was just the beginning. Sound was soon to be added to moving pictures which brought another dimension to the experience. This had never been done before and the movie business had just begun its greatest ever growth period.
With today’s modern technology anyone can record video on their phone, and using editing software we can now add text, graphics, and even add our own clips to produce professional-looking marketing pieces.
The popularity of digital content for small businesses is growing exponentially, and the relatively short sixteen-year history of Youtube shows that we are just on the cusp of even more growth and opportunities for monetization.
The simple fact is that moving images are just more interesting than long-winded text explanations or static images and graphics. We can now record our computer screens to demonstrate a ‘walk-through’ of a software interface (This is known as a Screencast). Screencasts are used to train users in using software programs, and of course, to demonstrate the value of certain features like the administration section of a WordPress website.

Keeping your viewer engaged

The secret to generating more leads is to keep your viewer engaged.
Sketch (Doodle) videos are very good for viewer engagement. This type of animated footage holds the viewer’s attention by having the elements on the screen appear as drawings, actually being drawn by an animated moving hand. The viewer is held momentarily in suspense as the sketching hand renders the image on the screen. This technique also creates a light-hearted whimsical tone to the message being presented.

Choosing A Video Marketing Company

A marketing agency does not always offer the same services as a production company. The term production refers to a specific service and is traditionally associated with the use of high-end equipment with filming and lighting techniques that are accomplished either in the studio or on-site. While this does help build brand awareness it may not suit your budget.

Video production services often include:

Marketing companies sometimes outsource video production for specific client needs or use post-production editing software to enhance client-supplied footage. Some companies offer both marketing and in-house production services, however, these services normally cater to businesses with larger advertising budgets.

Business Video Options

For small business owners who have a creative flair and who don’t have a large advertising budget, it’s worth considering options that will surely prove to be less expensive and time-consuming than sourcing a specialist – you can build your own brand without an expensive videographer or dedicated marketing agency.

Cloud-based speed & convenience

A big worry for many business owners is the cost required to level up their marketing skills with quality video content. The truth is that Cloud-based services and Modern Video Production Software are forcing production costs down, while the opportunity cost of not embracing this trend grows by the day.

Our Video Marketing Apps are cloud-based so they’re fast, and you can access them from anywhere. These apps are great for short punchy Facebook ads and featured Facebook covers. Creating captivating messages with video for Social Media has never been easier. For a limited time we’re offering a one-time payment with a 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to gain access to our suite of amazing money-making video production tools.

Effective budget video marketing campaign

Small business owners who need more scope for their creative expression are turning to D.I.Y. software for an effective budget video marketing campaign. This allows them to take control of their advertising strategy while still focusing more closely on their target audience. Sometimes outsourcing to a high-end production company can result in runaway costs and a loss of creative control. Keeping your video marketing in-house usually results in an efficient allocation of funds while while having the ability to enhance video quality by adding text, graphics, and Calls-to-action, all within your own video creations.

Control your marketing budget

Producing your own video marketing campaign can help you manage your marketing budget and maintain creative control over the content you publish.

Better Time Management

Being able to create your own video ad without leaving your office is a great time saver. As a business owner, this task can easily be delegated to a staff member – no programing knowledge or tech skills required! Controlling your most valuable asset, time, by taking advantage of video marketing software is often a good solution for solopreneurs and small business owners.

Build your video marketing skills

As a Graphic Designer and Web Designer, access to this type of video editing software has helped me upgrade my production skills and really enjoy the creative side of video marketing. Anyone can create a great video with the right tools and my choice of software is Screenflow. I believe it’s one of the great video editing apps.

Google loves video

Using video on your website, especially exciting and interesting content entices visitors to stay longer on your site. Extra time spent on a website equals quality in Google’s eyes and therefore attracts better ranking results.
The reason why Google loves video is simple really; it provides a better user experience. Having a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 53% and simply having a video embedded within a page of your website can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

Video is great for mobile

According to Wyzowl statistics, 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. 60% of consumers prefer to watch videos on their desktop.
Youtube claims that mobile video consumption increases 100% year over year. Mobile phone use around the world continues to grow as does Facebook subscribership. Video is shared between Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to name just the main players, and this happens mainly on mobile devices.

Why use youtube?

As an online marketer, we’ve all seen the power of Youtube videos and the potential for youtube marketing and we know how much easier and enjoyable it is to learn from a well-crafted explainer video.

Understand instantly with explainer videos

The internet started with the sharing by government agencies of basic text-based pages. Bandwidth in those days was weak and the look of the documents was clumsy and BORING!
Then along came images to spice up our communications – then better layout and design with CSS styling – then video creation software. Ecommerce made its debut and new businesses sprung up selling their products and services online.
What better way to explain how your product or service works than with an explainer video. Employing graphics, narration and video makes for an entertaining learning experience, and let’s face it, people just love watching videos.
Youtube is also the perfect storage facility for your collection of videos. Just ask yourself the question; whether you’re a new customer or a potential customer… would you search Youtube for a good review or walkthrough of the software you’re considering? or have already purchased? Google is not the only search engine, Youtube does a great job of finding the video creation of your choice.
Build your own brand video

Build your own brand

Having your own Youtube channel has several benefits when finding prospective customers. Nothing demonstrates authority like a powerful clip on a dedicated landing page. A good campaign for your own brand will always impress potential clients and as you receive more views and likes this will improve your prospects via video SEO. Perhaps it’s not common knowledge yet, but Youtube video SEO carries just as much weight as standard content SEO.

Improve Page speed

Using Youtube is the fastest way to display a video on your website. Youtube has its own very efficient video optimization utility which ensures your video content loads as fast as possible.
Creating video content results in large files and uploading them to your website or even just managing them offline on your computer can be very time-consuming. Playing a video that is stored on your website hosting account will significantly slow down your site when a user hits that play button.

Save disk space and bandwidth

Youtube serves tonnes of content to internet users every day; and as expected, they have a huge bandwidth capacity and super-fast servers, not to mention their built-in utilities for creating playlists, editing facilities to enhance your user’s experience, and of course their analytics capabilities to measure your outreach and success.
This means you can get your video message to your website visitors many times faster using Youtube without adding to the data overhead on your particular server or increasing your bandwidth usage.

What about Social Media?

The marketing power of your video content becomes much more potent when you share it on Social Media.
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin are perfect channels for you to display your video content.
Facebook can measure the level of engagement. Engagement is defined as some sort of action taken by the viewer of your online video. This can be sharing, commenting, or clicking, and these statistics can be conveniently displayed within your Facebook account’s analytics section.
Once you know what’s working you can then replicate those methods for continued success.

Be your own expert

Our Video Marketing Apps are cloud-based so they’re fast, and you can access them from anywhere. Creating compelling messages with video has never been easier. For a limited time we’re offering a one-time payment with a 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to gain access to these amazing money making productivity tools. 

Custom Video FX Walk-thru


Video Marketing is fast becoming mainstream and with the resulting competition, website owners are looking for a point of difference. The upside of more footage online is the increased options for producing it. This boom trend cannot be ignored and those who do are simply leaving money on the table. not to mention being over-run by the competition.
Digital Marketing is evolving as a definite ROI winner and those businesses who don’t take this trend seriously may well be caught off-guard by their competitors.
I use and recommend Screenflow for my marketing. Its ease of use and impressive integration with complimentary royalty-free stock footage, graphics, photos, music, and audio content make it a great choice for small business owners to enter the digital marketing arena.

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