Video Apps Demonstration

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Cover pro

This video shows you how to create your own Facebook Cover Video based on Facebook specifications. Cover Pro is just one of our eight video creator apps that you could own and use to create your own videos with just a few mouse clicks.

Live Mockup

This video walks through the steps of creating a live mockup sales video.
You can own this hosted video software and be as creative as you like and produce as many videos as you need.

slide machine

The Slide Machine Video App is a great tool for showcasing your images, logos and testimonials. Create videos with just a few mouse clicks and take control of video production costs.

Custom Video FX

This video creation app gives you the power to augment your existing video footage by adding graphics, text, overlays and the ability to change the aspect ratio to suit various social media applications. Also, learn how to reduce file size to give you even more creative options.

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