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The Process

Creative functional design for web & Print

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The Brief

The key to delivering the best website solution is to uncover your true motivation for needing a new website. Exactly what are you trying to achieve? Sometimes the questions asked may appear a little awkward, but your truthful answers may well reveal issues you have not considered.

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The Sitemap

When you’re happy with the brief, I’ll create a sitemap which is similar to a flow chart giving you a clear idea of the proposed structure of the site. This visual representation gets everyone on the same page quickly and promotes better collaboration as edits at this stage are easily made.

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The Prototype

Now is the time to continue development with an interactive prototype. An actual website is a much better way to demonstrate functionality and impart my ideas as to how the solution will work. At this stage there is no attention to design, but it gets us closer to resolving the structure very quickly. Here’s one I prepared earlier.

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The Design

The design stage is the fun part, this is where creative styling really makes your site shine. The groundwork is done and we can now bring the interactive prototype to life incorporating your brand identity.

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The Delivery

Before deploying your new site it needs to be tested thoroughly on a staging server.  This takes a couple of weeks of behind the scenes work. Only you and your nominated guests have access to the staging server so you can grant final approval and sign off.

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