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We simplify the setup process by combining domain registration and hosting with the development of your website, we deliver an easy to understand proposal that provides a clear and obvious solution to a problem to help you achieve your objectives.

Proposal Structure


The purpose of the Snapshot is to describe what the proposal is about. It is also an overview of the current state of your website and a summary of our previous discussions during the discovery phase. It outlines basic information about your business and you goals. We use your input at this early stage to identify your aspirations and any problems you may be facing and how they may be met.

Business needs

This section examines in more detail the specific needs of your business based on our previous discussions and your input from the website worksheet. The items listed are not descriptions of software solutions, they are the real issues that you have indicated you are facing.

Target audience needs

Identifying target audience needs is often overshadowed by the desire for more leads/revenue (instant gratification). What does the target audience need from the website? Why will they use the website? We will identify the desired demographic, their motivation and potential budget.


This is where we make recommendations that address your Business and Target audience needs in a non-technical way that highlights the benefits to your website visitors. We know how the software will address the need, so we won’t bore you with technical details.


This part of the proposal itemises all the features, benefits and options of the project, and of course the investment required to move forward. Remember, if you perceive the value to be more than the asking price then your decision is an investment – if not, it is a cost. We aim to exceed your expectations and tip the scales on the side of value.


FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions, in this case, is a way of addressing questions emanating from the Investment section of the proposal. Your comfort level is paramount here, we aim to allay any concerns and provide any clarification needed to help you make a rational, logical and confident decision to move forward.

Next steps

Hopefully, by now you’ll have a clear understanding of the content of the proposal and the process. So you can proceed in the direction of your choice, some simple final steps will ensure you are fully informed about your project proposal and know what to do next.

Mutual agreement

We want what’s best for the safety of both parties and to this end we’ve prepared a document that should give you confidence that we share the same interpretations and that you’re dealing with a reputable supplier. It’s not complicated legalese, in fact, we hope you’ll find it refreshingly simple, friendly and easy to understand.