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The Truth about Quality Graphic Design

Often, quality graphic design is overlooked in the scramble for attention and the quest for the next killer headline. By now it is no secret that website visitors have a short attention span, and the reason for this is their low threshold for marketing schlock. Poor grammar, bad sentence construction and weak ideas all contribute to the cynical mindset of the browsing public.

Graphic Design Romances the Web

Not so long ago Graphic Design was solely a print-based discipline and with the emergence of websites as a viable means of marketing, the early nineties saw a cross-over of skills in both the print and online environments. Graphic Designers with a passion for their craft faced off against the hard-sell marketers of the online world who could not understand the beauty and relevance of Graphic Design.

At the time Graphic Designers faced another learning curve with website coding and internet technology while still managing the transition from analog physical paste-up presentations to the Digital Publishing Revolution.

Another issue which made it difficult for the full expression of quality Graphic Design on the internet was the very slow and stilted evolution of Web Standards. This was the noble cause to standardise the way different browsers, devices and operating systems rendered pages.

“What are you talking about, it looks fine on my screen?” was a familiar refrain back then.

Today Web designers need to level up their design skills to compete with those diligent Graphic Designers who have kept pace with improvements in Web Design software and Internet Marketing. And now with the faster and more complete implementation of Web Standards and better coding practices, websites are able to deliver amazing functionality with broad accessibility and rich design.

Graphic Design as a Career

My qualification as a Graphic Designer (Diploma of Art & Design) was completed in Perth Western Australia in 1997 at The Central Metropolitan College of TAFE.

My namesake The Gordon “has been helping people gain real skills for real jobs for over 130 years. We pride ourselves on delivering a great range of options in vocational ‘hands-on’ training with one of the most comprehensive suites of courses in Western Victoria.” (Australia)

Graphic Design Is The Foundation For Effective Online Marketing

Our charter is to deliver a functional and aesthetically pleasing experience for the user and with the increasingly stable marriage of Graphic Design and internet technology, the customer wins. The truth about Quality Graphic Design is that it’s the foundation for effective online marketing, and its subliminal effect is a time-honoured fact.

An investment in Quality Graphic Design produces a disproportionate advantage for the client. Great design is not great because designers say it is, your results and your customers will tell you.

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