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Beginner, Business Pro and Premium Memberships come with State-of-the-art Web Hosting. Quality web hosting is critical to the success of your website. Don’t settle for sluggish support. If you’re waiting longer than one hour to be answered then you need to think about getting a new host. You’re busy and your working week doesn’t always finish on Friday afternoon. We provide 24/7 support.

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15-Minute Response Guarantee

Members enjoy super-responsive support and absolutely the best ticketing system ever created. Open a tech support ticket via an online, easy to use form. Then just allow several minutes to get an answer and resolution. The entire process is rather simple, and you will be notified by e-mail once your ticket is answered. Highly qualified professionals will respond to each support ticket within 15 minutes.
Our average response time for tickets is 7 minutes. You read that correctly – our Support Team has processed more than 500,000 support tickets with 7 (seven) minutes from the response to the resolution.

Highly Qualified Professionals

The team is comprised of highly qualified and talented professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience in the IT field. They will make sure every question is answered to your satisfaction, thus assisting you with the development of your website. No question is a silly question! feel free to ask for anything you need, and you are guaranteed a response within 15-minutes. Furthermore, our online documentation covers almost all aspects of developing a website.

Website Hosting Features

D.I.Y. Small Website, Blog, Portfolio
Included with Beginner Memberships

Priority Support Portal

Disk Storage: 10GB

Data Transfer: 500GB/MO

FREE SSL Certificate

FREE Daily Backups (7 days)

Backup on Demand

Subdomains: 2

MySQL Databases: 10

FTP Accounts: 15


Parked Domains: 15

Maximum Mailbox Size: 10GB

Large Heavy Traffic Websites
Included with Premium Memberships

Priority Support Portal

Disk Storage: 100GB

Data Transfer: 10,000GB/MO

FREE SSL Certificate (Geotrust®)

FREE Daily Backups (7 days)

Backup on Demand

Subdomains: 150

MySQL Databases: 100

FTP Accounts: 150


Parked Domains: 50

Maximum Mailbox Size: 30GB

Hosting Terms Explained

Disk Storage is the space available on the host server for your website files and email. Your website is made up of a number of computer files just like bricks on a building site. When a domain name is entered into a browser a request is sent to the web server which delivers these files in an integrated format which makes up your website.

Data Transfer is the rate at which data is transferred to and from the server. This can take the form of emails and their attachments, web pages being requested by site visitors and media files being streamed from a website. As website traffic grows for larger scale businesses and corporate entities, data transfer limits can become a pivotal factor affecting the performance of a website.

An SSL Certificate is vital if you're accepting sensitive information on your website like credit card details, names and email addresses. A Secure Socket Layer encrypts the data sent to and from the host server so it cannot be intercepted and read by prying eyes.

Even if you're not selling online, Google displays a NOT SECURE! message in the visitor's browser when it detects your site is not using SSL — and if that's not enough Google downgrades website rank for those sites without SSL.

SSL is a must for every website.

Webmail keeps you connected wherever you are in the world. If your favourite mail program is not working, webmail can bridge the gap.

Log in to Webmail and you can view your latest emails right on the server. If you're using a public computer always remember to log out securely before you leave, and if you're using your own device, consider using a VPN at cafes and other WIFI hotspots.

It's reassuring to know that your hosting service provides a daily backup of your website and email covering the previous seven days. You can save a personal backup on the server for safekeeping, download it to your local computer or restore a backup directly from your control panel.

Your online hosting control panel allows you to manage features like email accounts, back-ups, URL redirects and to view the allocation of disk space on the server for the resources being used.

Subdomains Allow you to dedicate a section of your website to a particular service or function of your business which is associated but does not strictly relate to your main website.

A Subdomain treats its content as a separtate website, therefore, it's worth keeping in mind that your SEO ranking for your main website will be better served by keeping your all important blog within the main domain. Another option for partitioning content is to use a sub-directory. A subdirectory is a subfolder within your main site structure. Here's an example of a sub-directory: gordondesign.com.au/sub-directory, and here's an example of a Sub-domain: domains.gordondesign.com.au

A MySQL Database is used to run the dynamic features of your site. Running an additional database will, for example, allow you to provide additional dynamic features within a sub-domain which appears as a separate partition of your main website

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is built in server software that allows you to upload and download your website files to and from the server.

Parked domains redirect traffic to your main domain. If you register additional domains to protect your brand by purchasing all the domains that match the first part of your domain... but have different domain extensions... For example:
These additional domains when parked will redirect any web traffic to your main domain and guard against your competition stealing your customers. Anyone is free to register the same domain with a different domain extension.