Welcome to Gordon Design

Hi, and welcome to Gordon Design, I'm Colin Gordon, founder and owner.
My home town is Perth, Western Australia, but I'm currently living in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

Gordon Design was conceived in 2000 as a print-based design business and has since diversified into Web Design. With this new membership website, I hope to engage those of you looking to simplify the process of starting and managing your online presence.

Websites are sometimes difficult to manage even with the recent trend towards a non-techy user interface. I'm here to help those of you looking for some guidance and a roadmap to marketing success.

Have you ever asked yourself...

I have a website, but what now?

How can I get more customers?

How can I improve the profitability of my website?

How can I update my website?

Who manages my domains and website hosting?

What happened to my web developer?

If any of the above questions spark your curiosity or hit a nerve then you're in the right place.

My take on Service Delivery

Based on my experience over the years dealing with constant development in software, global internet regulations, Google search algorithm changes and how to explain all of this to clients, I have developed a membership model which I believe greatly simplifies the complex and somewhat intimidating side of owning a business website.

What you get:

More clarity, simplicity and understanding of your website's marketing power

More scope and methods for attracting leads

Better conversion rates/ more sales

Better management of admin tasks

A deeper engagement and enthusiasm for your website

How is this achieved?

Our membership plans lay out the cost and terms of service upfront so expectations are set accurately from the beginning, giving you a clear understanding of your plan entitlements. There are many options across our three plans to suit your business needs and, of course, you have the freedom to cancel any time.

Why Gordon Design?

I have 20 years of experience as a qualified Graphic Designer. Fifteen of those years I have worked at merging my experience in Design with the power of Website Development and Internet Marketing.

I love the opportunities the Internet brings to businesses and I look forward to the opportunity of helping you discover more profitability and excitement with your website.

It's highly unlikely I will be using the phrases DEEP DIVE, CIRCLE BACK, REACH OUT, OUT OF THE BOX, VERTICALS, METRICS or SYNERGY.

I hope you'll appreciate the lack of jargon, trendy buzzwords and pretense. I also hope you'll find the content valuable and see how you may apply the information here directly to your online journey.